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There’s much more to Australian wine than oaky Chardonnay and full bodied Shiraz. Australian wine is made from numerous grape varieties in a multitude of styles by over a thousand wineries, not just the well-known brands which have become household names over the last decade. From its niche market 20 years ago, Australia now vies with France for the number one slot in UK wine sales, its most important export market.

Two key factors have underwritten the success of Australian wine: the majority of it is made in a fruit-driven style, focusing on the primary flavours; and its labelling is extremely simple to understand. Instead of a wine being named after a region and producer, the grape variety is usually first and foremost.

With a comparatively reliable climate and state-of-the-art wineries, it’s easier to produce a similar style of wine vintage after vintage – this is great news for the consumer, knowing that the next bottle of the same wine should be every bit as good as the previous one.