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Approximately 1000 km long, the Loire is the longest river in France and its vineyards are never far from its banks. Its source is very near the Rhone Valley, but the climate difference between the two is dramatic. The landscapes and climates of the large Loire region vary significantly from Nantes to Roannes, with maritime influences near the ocean and marked continental influences inland. The resulting multitude of different terroirs yields an incredibly diverse array of wines - dry, sweet and sparkling wines that can be whites, reds or rosés.

The Loire Valley is the third most significant region in France in terms of wine quality.

Product Range

cremant de loire aop sauvion
Fine & elegant, with very fine and regular bubbles and aromas of white fruits. A great quality sparkling wine
cremant de loire aop brut rose sauvion
A very harmonious sparkling from the Loire with a complex nose of red fruits and delicate aromas.
From the Loire Valley, a blend of Grolleau and Gamay, a touch sweet, medium-bodied, fruity and fresh this wine is excellent with barbecues, grilled meats and exotic dishes. A great wine!