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Argentina is currently the world's fifth largest wine producer by volume – after France, Italy, Spain and the USA in that order – a position it has held for many years.

Yet it is only very recently - perhaps over the last ten or fifteen years - that the industry has really begun to develop the methods, attitudes and will to become a serious player in the international wine market.

High volume, low quality vines are being replaced by premium varieties. Formerly struggling bodegas are attracting the backing of major international wine companies. Product quality is soaring, and every year the industry balance shifts further from cheap table wines towards exquisitely crafted drops that are increasingly recognised as being amongst the best in the world.

The Argentine wine industry is reaping the benefits of its heritage - old vines, unique geographical conditions - with new technology and a mix of modern and traditional methods. It's come along way since the first vines were planted in Mendoza more than 400 years ago.

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