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Nero d’Avola Wine

Nero d’Avola or “Calabrese” is a native Sicilian grape variety and one of the most predominant varieties in the region. Because of the grapes historical importance, it lends its name to the city of Avola – an ancient village and fishing port on Sicily’s south east coast.


Nero d’Avola wines are full bodied and round with a long finish. A Nero d’Avola will typically offer a broad spectrum of flavours lead by jammy dark fruits such as black cherry and plum, finished with some spice and smokiness. Expect to find notes of tobacco, chilli pepper, white pepper and liquorice. With Nero d’Avola medium-high tannins complement gentle acidity making for a perfectly balanced flavour.

Best Pairings

With its full body and bold fruitiness Nero d’Avola is an excellent match for rich, meaty dishes such as beef stews, BBQ grilled burgers or steak. The acidity of the wine also makes it a great pairing with rich cheeses. We recommend gruyere, Munster or Manchego. Best vegetarian pairings are dishes with earthy mushrooms or flavourfull lentils.

Nero d'Avola Wine

nero d'avola ddop sicilia ciello 2023

Nero d'Avola DDOP Sicilia Ciello 2023

This Nero d'Avola is a natural wine. Whilst there is no official definition of a natural wine, it is essentially made with minimal intervention, without chemical pesticides, unfiltered and organic, resulting in a wine which is cloudy and with more yeasty aromas than other wines. Classic Nero d'Avola flavours of dark almost roasted fruits - think black cherries and red and dark plums. There is some liquorice and then the finish hints at coffee and bitter chocolate.
nero d'avola sicilia ddoc appassimento miapasso 2018

Nero d'Avola Sicilia DDOC APPASSIMENTO Miopasso 2021

This wine is made with a selection of the very best Nero d'Avola grapes which are grown in the Sicilan areas of Agrigento and Vittoria. Some of the grapes are partially dried before the vinification, giving a wine incredibly rich and concentrated. Miopasso Nero d'Avola is a unique and intense Sicilian red, that will enchant you from the very first sip.

Da Vero Vino Rosso Biologico Nero d'Avola DDOC Sicilia 2022

A juicy organic red from the North Western corner of Sicily. The palate combines perfumed stawberry notes with enticing cherry and blackberry; a burst of attractive ripe primary fruit. Organic.