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It is because, apart from tradition, experience and know-how which greatly contribute to the quality of the wine, the essential factors which control the types and qualities are the geographical, geological and climatic conditions of the vineyard. It just so happens that in France ail these conditions are ideal for vine growing.

The character of the wine is so dependent on soil, climate and exposure of the vineyard that, even in France itself, wine of one region or district cannot be duplicated in another region or district. For hundreds of years, France basked in the reputation of being the world's greatest producer of wines. Today, that reputation is being rivalled by other wine-growing nations on four continents, and the French wine industry is facing new challenges. Since the low of 2003, the French wine industry has been trying to reinvent itself, producing new wines for a changing world and European market, while continuing to provide the world's greatest wines, produced on estates with perfect conditions and centuries of winegrowing tradition.

For those who know how to choose, and know something about wines, France still offers some of the greatest wines, with the greatest variety, and - yes ! - excellent value for money, even from the main wine areas.

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