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adaras aldea garnacha tintorera syrah 2019
Adaras Aldea Garnacha Tintorera Syrah Almansa DDO 2019
This wine is the best expression of the character of the state and vineyards, made of several of the best plots with different soils and orientations of the local varieties, Garnacha Tintorera and Syrah varieties, so well adapted to the area. Vegan organic wine.
syrah wildsong hawke's bay organic 2019
Syrah Wildsong Hawke's Bay Organic 2019
Like an unfolding song, wildflowers reveal there is something natural happening in the organic vineyards in Hawke's Bay. These vineyards have a harmony, energy and uniqueness about them we believe you can taste in the wine. Bright and vibrant in colour with aromas of raspberries, violets and nutmeg. A wine made to look good when young but age impressively.

Syrah Wine

Syrah is a native French grape variety. It is also the most prominent grape in Australia where its regional name is Shiraz.


Although Syrah and Shiraz are essentially the same grape, there are notable flavour distinctions between the two. Syrah is grown in the cooler French climate and produces an earthier, fruit-reserved flavour with floral notes. Shiraz on the other hand is more fruit-forward with a peppery finish. Syrah is well rounded and boasts a complex flavour profile. Its primary flavours include dark berries which are offset by oaky and earthy notes. Look for subtleties of vanilla, clove, chocolate, rose, tobacco and nutmeg which give Syrah an elegant finish and lingering length.

Best Pairings

Try Syrah with flavourful exotic dishes which will help pronounce the wines subtle fruit notes. Syrah also pairs very well with grilled meats, charred vegetables and earthy mushroom recipes. A classic stew or casserole is a Syrahs best friend!