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Pinotage Wine

Pinotage is a South African created grape variety. It is a crossing of two other grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. Pinotage grapes are very dark purple and can appear almost black in colour. Pinotage grapes are thick skinned and rich in tannin.


Pinotage is medium to full-bodied with bold fruit flavours of plumb, dark berries, fig and cherry. Pinotage also offers a plethora of other, more unusual flavours that add depth to the wine and make its fruit flavours shine. Look for notes of bacon, tar, sweet tobacco, sweet smoke, Hoisin and liquorice.

Best Pairings

Pinotage is a fantastic wine pairing for sweet and spicy sauces such as Teriyaki, Hoisin, barbecue and plum. The spicy and smoky flavours in Pinotage also make it a great match for hot Asian dishes, chillies and baked pasta dishes with a bit of a kick.

Pinotage Wine