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Primitivo Wine

Primitivo may sometimes be labelled as Zinfandel (a Californian grape variety). Both grapes are clones of a rare Croatian varietal and are genetically very similar. However, the differences in growing conditions make for distinctly different wines. Primitivo grapes ripen under the hot Mediterranean sunshine in the heel of Italy’s boot, thus creating a rich red wine that is a lot heartier than its fruity, Californian counterpart.


Primitivo wines are well structured, full bodied reds. They are warm and velvety on the palate. Notable Primitivo fruit flavours include black cherry, blackberry, prune and strawberry. Notes of chocolate, exotic spice, white pepper, vanilla and coffee offset the rich fruit flavours while firm yet smooth tannins create a long, lingering finish.

Best Pairings

Primitivos rich and layered flavours pair well with a variety of dishes. Aromatic, exotic dishes that are full of flavour work excellently to bring out the wines subtle spicy notes. Think Turkish meatballs, Moroccan lamb tagine or Caribbean jerk chicken.

Primitivo Wine

Primitivo di Manduria DDOP Mirea Masseria Borgo dei Trulli

Latin for "admire", this limited production Primitivo is produced only in the finest vintages using hand-picked grapes grown on the oldest vines. Intense and powerful, yet incredibly elegant, well balanced and velvety. For the ultimate experience try decanting it.
primitivo saracena masseria borgo dei trulli 2018

Primitivo Saracena Masseria Borgo dei Trulli 2020

This Primitivo displays aromas of dried fruit, exotic spices, white pepper and chocolate. The mouth feel is round and intense, with layers upon layers of soft elegant tannins, vanilla, prunes, coffee. The finish is elegant and persistent and extremely well-balanced. Serve with game, meat dishes and hard cheeses.