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Shiraz is the Australian name for the native French grape Syrah. Grown under the hot Australian sun, Shiraz offers a more fruit-forward flavour than its earthy French counterpart. Winemakers in other regions may also label their red as a Shiraz if they feel as though its flavours and style fall more in line with the jammy Australian red.


Australian Shiraz is known for its rich and ripe fruit-forward flavours of plumb, cherry, blueberry and blackberry complemented by subtle notes of peppercorn, liquorice, tobacco and chocolate. On the finish, expect to find hints of mocha, vanilla, mint, olive, clove and oak. Shiraz reds are full bodied and full flavoured with firm, silky tannins that carry the flavours through to a long finish.

Best Pairings

The depth and richness of Shiraz can stand up to many flavour pairings. Try with braised beef, pulled pork, spare ribs and strong, hard cheeses like Manchego, cheddar and parmesan. Shiraz is also a fantastic match for charred and sweet-roasted vegetables.

Shiraz Wine

moxie sparkling shiraz n.v. mclaren vale

Copper in the Clouds 4 Miniatures Gins

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shiraz aquiline w.o. western cape 2022

Shiraz Aquiline W.O. Western Cape 2022

The eagle-eyed winemaker at Aquiline has a nose for fine hillside slopes and vines. This Shiraz is one such find, grown in a warm corner of the Capes's ancient soils, the land and vines carved by time and the elemental Atlantic. Rich, juicy and fresh. Suitable for vegans.
Shiraz Beyond the River South Australia A. Peace

Shiraz Beyond the River South Australia A. Peace

"My Beyond the River range is made from the finest grapes in the vineyard and is styled to bring you an added touch of elegance and depth of character. This Shiraz is smooth and full-bodied with ripe black fruit flavours." A.Peace
shiraz the y series yalumba 2017

Shiraz The Y Series Yalumba 2019

A cascade of wild berries, juicy red fruits, rhubarb and a hint of spice, make this Shiraz irresistible. Made with minimal winemaker intervention and 100% yeast fermentation. Vegan
shiraz central ranges helmsman 2017

Shiraz Central Ranges Helmsman 2021

Lively , fresh plum and red berries with a hint of spice.
shiraz viognier the y series yalumba 2016

Shiraz Viognier The Y Series Yalumba 2020

The Y Series represents a collection of iconic classics and exciting new varietals. Each authentically crafted with fruit from South Australia's most celebrated wine regions. Luscious and exotic. Velvety tannins complement a dark chocolate and cherry finish. Made with minimal winemaker intervention and 100% wild yeast fermentation. Vegan.
shiraz andrew peace south eastern australia 2020

Shiraz Andrew Peace South Eastern Australia 2022

The Andrew Peace vineyard sits close to the banks of the Murray River, the unique climate this provides is what makes the wines truly special. Smooth and full-bodied with flavours of blackberries and subtle hints of oak and spice. Match with tomato pasta dishes or a hearty lamb casserole.
shiraz organic yalumba south australia 2019

Shiraz Organic Yalumba South Australia 2022

Plums, peppercorns and spice complement intense fruit flavours finishing savoury and soft. best enjoy young. Vegan wine. Being harmonious with the natural environment has been at the core of our certified organic winemaking program, where our focus is on making delicious wine to be enjoyed with family and friends.